Hammer's Helpers
Hammer’s Helpers Foundation was created by professional football punter Jamie Gillan aka. “The Scottish Hammer” to give back to local charities in need. His community spirit and passion for these charities will be strengthened by your contribution. 100% of all donations are used directly to support Hammer’s Helpers charities. Thank you for becoming a Hammer’s Helper and for your devotion to your community!
WarrioR Project

Gillan grew up in a proud military family with his father serving as navigator for the Royal Air Force. Already a partner with the Cleveland based company Szabo Apparel, Gillan sold special edition “Scottish Hammer” t-shirts with 100% of the proceeds going towards the Wounded Warrior Project. Currently, $10,000 has been raised for the WWP on behalf of Gillan’s t-shirt sales.

First &

With the help of the Cleavelend Browns he has also supported the “First and Ten” initiative. which encourages communities to donate their time to community activities and causes.

Sibling Revelry
Jamie Gillan has collaborated with local Cleveland Brewery Sibling Revelry to create a one of a kind American light lager properly named Hammer Lyte. The frothy brew has hints of blackberry and infused electrolytes which makes it the ideal beer for a warm weather and football. Hammer Lyte can be found in the local Cleveland market as well as at FirstEnergy Stadium during the 2021 season. A portion of the sales of each Hammer Lyte sold will go directly to the Hammer’s Helpers Foundation.

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